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Are you finding for a SMP? Join R-SMP now!

2022.01.26 07:15 qn06142 Are you finding for a SMP? Join R-SMP now!

24/7 server (kinda)
Lore and nation
Cracked (with authme so don't worry)
Kind of friendly community
Good performance server (if you can't load chunks then that is paper high ping bug)
Compatible with bedrock
If you like this SMP then please upvote this post
(Kindly made by Wheatley#1901)
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2022.01.26 07:15 blozaur help

hey guys, I'm new to the world of computers and have 70k Philippine Peso or 1300$+, and I want to get a full computer, what can I get in it?
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2022.01.26 07:15 curious_beautician My nailart

Shellac application on natural nails done by me! What do you think?
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2022.01.26 07:15 Expecto-Morghulis A picture of an idol that gave you secondhand ________ (embarrassment, hunger, fear, whatever you want)

Yoongi (Suga from bts) posted these pics of him at (what I assume is) the Grand Canyon...
I'm super scared of heights and the second one - him squatting to get a better angle for a photo - gives me THE BIGGEST second hand fear of heights I've ever felt from a photo. Literally gave me cold sweats. I know he's not even in the US anymore but I need him to step away from that ledge instantly.
What is a pic of an idol that gave you second hand ______ (add whatever you want)?
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2022.01.26 07:15 looneylewis007 An impressing title

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2022.01.26 07:15 prolelol The only episodes with grade below 7 on IMDb. What are your thoughts on these episodes?

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2022.01.26 07:15 Beginning_Top_1109 Some crazy stuff that skaters have done over the years:

Some crazy stuff that skaters have done over the years: submitted by Beginning_Top_1109 to FigureSkating [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 07:15 Tails82x TaiIs82 Q&A: Let democracy triumph!

TaiIs82 Q&A: Let democracy triumph!
I would love to ask a mod some questions like that, really get into their psychological profile, but they aren't gonna respond and would just go KOS at the questions. At the end of the day I think it's just all about the powertrip. They aren't thinking rationally and they aren't thinking about how they screw the board over long-term. The closest I ever got to the mentality was seeing what happened with LAAG and Error's failed subreddit. They do think they win an argument by banning people, and the moderation is "proof" they are right. They would rather have no discussion at all than allow a single complaint. They think the Gamefaqs rules that they abuse to hell already are still too lenient, and they get overly emotional and buttmad at so many things. A lot of the time they can't get along with a solid chunk of the userbase because somebody disagrees with them on something, so they gotta hold a grudge forever and get back at them. I mean these guys get so buttmad about what they see on an internet forum that they volunteer to go after those users for free. The mod position itself appeals to a niche shut-in demographic - and mod power is the most they will ever have in their lives. Bans are their biggest "win" in life because they have nothing else.
As one of the winners of board 261's mock elections for leadership, I agree with the democratic process. I see that AssultTank was melting down about me for that reason, lol. Do you think he'd win a plebiscite? Actually, would any of the mods? They never do when they're polled.
So what exactly is the motivation here, Stockholm syndrome? The guy is physically not competent at a time when other countries are taking advantage of this and are ready to invade people, but we're wedded to total decline because the DNC told you to fear common sense social beliefs like 2 genders? I genuinely do not understand why rainbow lip service is the #1 issue for anyone, placed above real concerns like national security. I mean I literally see people who claim the Republicans are better for the country in every single way but ohh we still can't vote for them because it would offend GLAAD! Why is this irrational obsession more important than everything else? Serious question.
I have no respect for drones, really. I knew full well in 2016 that you get Hillary by not voting for Trump, and I didn't vote for Trump anyway. Meanwhile you're gearing up to vote for a wet sock and you moderate on his behalf like it's life or death, to prop up this senile joke and enforce PCthink on a video game website. Get some self-respect dude.
If straight authors were writing book passages about some fully-grown dude fondling a little girl in a positive light, to media and critical acclaim, I think a lot of parents would find that inappropriate as well. But we only see that from the abnormal writers because they've essentially been given a free pass from the liberal publishers no matter how weird their fetishes get. There is a point where free speech comes into play, however this is not the issue at hand. Schoolkids are treated like a captive audience and it all comes out of taxpayer dollars, or their parents' wallets when the pornographic passages are required reading. I think you'd lose your shit if public schoolkids were required to subsidize and read works endorsing a specific religion. Well that's why parents are objecting here. Liberals are just buttmad that their dogma is finally being challenged and parents want some separation between schools and porn. Every taxpayer is a stakeholder and is rightfully concerned about the values, or lack thereof being taught in school. A lot of people don't want BS like New York continuing to pay convicted pedo teachers because the union declared them untouchable, or 50+ percent of blue city "graduates" coming out functionally illiterate while the teacher showed them 50 ways to put on a condom.
Because contrary to leftist belief, you can disagree on 1 thing like the effectiveness of the vaccine without becoming an anti-science pariah. What's that? You complain about this government and this websight but you still live here? HMMMMM? I am very smart.
I think some of the memes around this are funny, like "oh you don't accept gravity now" or "oh you drink your own piss." You can see some real meltdowns about this on 261 because apparently they are serious, on this and other subjects. It's a known phenomenon that echochambered libs have no idea what conservatives actually believe because the left doesn't interact with different ideas. Conservatives can accurately tell you what a lib is but the left has a harder time doing it the other way.
imo part of it is also Democrat propaganda that sets a very low bar. You take a look at the Dems these days and their lack of values, their feelings of self-worth are defined by who they exclude and what they project on their enemies. The "motivation" for Joe, if you can call it that, is that he's not Trump. And by Trump they don't mean the real person, they mean some demonized stand-in. Then of course there is the "we are anti-fascist" thing because I guess the left boldly staked out where it fell on the list of world's worst ideologies, all the way down to F tier and found themselves slightly above WWII-era fascism, as if it was a big accomplishment that they're only a little better. lol you throw bail reform in there? "Well at least we aren't pedophiles and puppy killers! Sure, we might demand the right for pedos and puppy killers to vote for us from prison, however many times they want, 90+ percent of them will vote for us/sympathize with our goals, and we will fight 24/7 to get them out of jail and decriminalize what they do so they can be back on the streets doing it tomorrow, but we sure as hell ain't puppy killers!" And no, this ain't exaggerating when you literally rewrote bail laws to let gun crimes walk and then complain that more gun crimes happen. Sometimes it's like talking to a guy who's covered in shit who needs an enemy worse than him, so he's anti-garbage dump.
Y'all can't figure out how many genders there are but you're pro-science? See, not really - and not objectively - but only in your head, relative to some worse caricature of someone else. On the issue of the vaxx itself you guys were telling people to throw it out because President Trump made it, and go out and party in Chinatown to protest his COVID travel bans. Which country was it, North Korea I think? Where they take UN food supplies, slap Kim's name on the crates and act like god emperor was the one that gave them the food? That's you guys with Joe slapping his name on Trump's vaccine. Joe doesn't even know what state he's in half the time, he can't do jack. The shelves are empty because he screwed up basic things with the supply chain that President Trump would've figured out by now. But I guess compared to a QAnon fascist piss-drinker who "doesn't believe in hospitals" whatever that means, Joe edges him out, even though he's senile enough you could probably get him to drink some piss if you put a cup of it in front of him. It's the little victories that count vs your imagined strawmen.
Imagine scraping the bottom of the barrel like this to come up with reasons to keep voting D. Joke party is desperate.
I don't know why you once identified as a conservative, but this is one reason for me. Anyone honest with what's gone on in the judiciary can see that they just made up whatever they want. Particularly with Windsor vs Obergefell, where the courts first claimed that marriage was a state issue, but then the states all voted the way they didn't want to they quickly scrapped that and disenfranchised the voters with the Obergefell ruling. When Obamacare taxes were unconstitutional, they became mandates. When people pointed out why mandates would be unconstitutional as well, they went back to being taxes. Since both mandate and tax wouldn't pass constitutional muster, they came up with this special designation where it's not quite tax, not mandate, but some magic Obama thing that's exempt from the law. Corrupt courts frequently do whatever rich libs want. Those trial lawyers that are on daytime TV ads? They are heavy Dem lobbyists: make a contribution to a Dem campaign, Dems rewrite things once in power to pay them back. They waived statute of limitations on the church and scout groups to shake them down like vultures. Green groups are known to pull this BS too, find a business to shake down, collude with the EPA and get some lawfare going. How do you think something like a carbon market would work? Seriously, regulating the CO2 trade so only the big boys can afford emissions. Utterly ridiculous to put a cap on a basic molecule and another barrier where the smaller players can't compete. I can tell you how that works because we saw it in Europe, the big car companies will pay off the inspector with faulty readings in order to meet impossible emissions standards. Dyson vs the EU's phony vacuum standards is another example. 2008? All these bigshots who were liable for prosecution after the financial crisis, Obama settled with them to look the other way. So if you were facing something like a $50 million fine for subprime loans, you hook up with your bud Obama and he'll settle for $25 million if you donate that money to leftist groups.
Same with taxes, you get someone like Liz Warren to "take on Wall Street" with a big bill, she sneaks some loopholes in and then your company hires Warren buddies to show you how to navigate the loopholes. A whole lot of liberal laws hurt small businesses that can't afford the mandates and go out of business, minumum wage is a significant one. Prior to President Trump you had corporate conference calls bragging about things like, these Obamacare mandates and financial rules give us a cushy moat to operate on. Because if there was a growing company on that threshold of full-time employees that triggered the Obamacare rules, they couldn't afford to step up to the next rung so they'd have to cut back. In lower income households you see the same thing with the welfare trap. Liberal policies hinder free market mobility and entrench special interests. Fiscal conservatism is about simplifying codes and achieving growth. You can easily see this with Obama/Biden vs President Trump. Whenever Obama's regs cost this country jobs and moved corporate headquarters offshore to take advantage of loopholes, Obama had no answer. He'd pay lip service and whine about these companies not being American cuz they didn't want to stay and get hosed by his high taxes. But aside from some vague anti-business speech, Obama never did anything about it - and worse, did stuff like TPP which encouraged moving jobs out of the country. President Trump brought them back by cutting red tape and lowering taxes, he also made it a point to negotiate deals favorable to Americans. As for Joe, do you see that guy negotiating anything? He's their puppet. We're back in China's pocket and that dotard can't even negotiate food on the shelves.

Have you ever read MLK? A few years ago I quoted passages from his speeches on the Politics board, liberals assumed they were a couple rants written by me and they didn't like them XD
Just from scanning it right now I can take a quote like " Jesus never made a sweeping indictment against wealth. Rather, he condemned the misuse of wealth. Money, like any other force such as electricity, is amoral and can be used for either good or evil...Nothing in wealth is inherently vicious, and nothing in poverty is inherently virtuous." Post that in 261's current whinefest about evangelical megachurches, and they would assume it's alt right private jet preacher grifting and mark the hell out of it. As I recall the left REALLY hated the passages where King questioned the press and praised nonconformists (again, assuming these quotes were written by me). As for the quotes involving the compassion of Christ and so on, they largely left those alone because theology is like an alien language to them.
Marxist simpletons have nothing in the afterlife to look forward to, so the thrust of their outlook on life is free stuff - "me want money, you have money, gimme money." All Marxist/statist regimes inevitably devolve into parasitism and uselessly fighting over some patch of dirt, and then they die. In opposition to this, the gospels from the very start want you to be content with your lot in life and focus on 2 things, faith and good works. NOT counting who has 10% of the wealth and what 1% you could bash over the head to take their money and get some shiny things now. But I digress.
See the comments directly above. Socialism is about control and involves dictating to the productive parts of society, damaging them in the process, by making them jump through hoops based on some vision of what a socialist thinks the world should be. Conveniently, this vision always involves high taxes to the unproductive and parasitic elements of society, large sums to governmental/administration do-nothings. Often these central planners have never had a real job but think they know better than the industry they're dictating to. For example Obamacare screwed up the markets horribly, even though Obama views himself as some some sort of supergenius who knew how to mandate any healthcare industry problems away by saying "just give out some free stuff." Socialism and communism are inevitably the same thing because, after the socialist makes stupid demands on the markets that don't work, the socialist doubles down on failure and ratchets up the control/regs over his subjects. This is inevitably enforced through the barrel of a gun, inevitably screws up the economy further, inevitably leads to dissent that must be crushed, and the failure requires a scapegoat - either internal purges or war with an outside enemy. This is why you see so many failed socialist regimes cry about the US and hold military parades.
Socialists hate the idea of individuals making their own choices because they're assumed to be too dumb. This is the whole thing about dictators hating cars. How dare you just be able to get in a car and go anywhere without permission, so the socialist "answer" to this "problem" that no one asked for is to glorify public transport. Instead of going where you want, you wait in a cluster of other proles when the train comes in the next hour and your life revolves around a central planner's schedule, not what you want. Then of course you must thank the government for having the trains run on time, because it wouldn't be possible without them (even though it would, but they just outlawed it). Even when we're talking about private rail, no no no, can't have that either! Because the government doesn't control it. Socialists lose their minds at the thought of privatized UK railways and think prime transport is something like Amtrak, with its $15 burgers and frequent crashes. But because Government Man controls it and Government Man says Government Man is good, this is the way! You could also observe this phenomenon with Obamacare, when liberals were cheering people who lost their healthcare, or with small businesses that closed down when they couldn't meet minimum wage. "Those plans and those jobs must've been bad, f*** dat s***! I'm glad government made them unemployed!" Same people who once got charged 5 bucks for some bank fee or health cost, "f*** dat s***! Government!" And then if the government takes over and bumps the same charge up to $15, these leftists would have an orgasm because "well I'm just happy to do my part and pay higher taxes to daddy government." Socialists would love to go the way of Venezuela where you end up relying on government breadlines for food, and you gotta have government hookups and praise daddy government in the government parade or they take your food away and you starve. Socialism is all about control and limiting freedom.
Because as you've frequently said, you live in a red area. Crime is likely under control - ask AssultTank what it's like when it's not. This is like when you posted about how you live in a red area and have no problems voting, but you've heard about huge incompetent lines in blue areas, and for some reason you blame the red system that works and act like blue failures are really just this secret red conspiracy that keeps the blue polls down somehow. In your mind, this includes states that are entirely blue-run. I don't know how red areas are conspiring to make blue ones look bad, but either way the blue pollsters are incompetent because even without your "red sabotage" boogeymen you guys often turn to, the blues can never seem to overcome it and are always outsmarted by the inbred redneck hicks' sabotage. I dunno how that excuse is better, imo it just beclowns the left even further.
Do you not feel concerned about statements like "end whiteness," "bring back segregation," "end the nuclear family" and so on? Or is it just not on your radar because of your red area shield? Maybe whatever news sources you read (if any) have declined to report the college segregation news to you, but it's a thing. Weeds have to be fought at the roots before they grow.
This is a good question - I would like to know how the gamefaqs TOS is anything but enforced PC fragility. It's fascinating as usual to see how the left screams against speech codes once the thought of one is applied to them. Can't wait til Republicans can pass everything with 51 votes and the left goes "BAWWWW! WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR PRECIOUS FILIBUSTER?? WHY ARE WE GETTING IMPEACHED FOR EVERYTHING???"
That really put the left's racist myths about Obama to rest, didn't it? Turns out much of the country opposes Obama/Biden on account of their extreme positions, not how they look, and it was always Dem projection whenever they made everything into a racial struggle narrative.
Joe Biden probably gets his butt kissed constantly by the media and assumes everyone in DC loves him, because everyone who propped him up in his basement does. As much as he derided President Trump's deals, Biden sold himself as the wheeler and dealer in Congress who could do things the way good ol' fashioned corrupt DC politics works, behind closed doors. He said in one debate, "I am the leader of the Democrat party." Some leader. EVERYONE expects Dems to fall in line but Biden is such a failure, he already has defectors. Usually it's like Clinton or Obama, the left waits until AFTER you left office and then claims "well Obama failed cuz he wasn't a REAL leftist all along." Now people are saying that to Joe's face 1 year into lame duck status. Everybody knows that there's no future for this country with Joe, they say it's now up to 70+ percent who say we're on the wrong track. This guy has no future and no new ideas, he's an empty husk. It's hard enough for him to rise up out of the chair to propose something on his own, let alone get a coalition to do it. And what his handlers propose through this figurehead, people don't like.
That would be the left for you, and their love of "ending the school to prison pipeline" that keeps violent students around to reoffend and reoffend some more. Maybe AssultTank can tell you more about this.
As much as Conflict wants to distance himself from me, I'm amused that he's following my trajectory. There is nothing new here and I've been calling it out for years, whether it was decriminalizing the intentional transmission of HIV or the blood thing. Anything like that would be a quick moderation and the 'h8 speech' BS. We're talking about behaviors, which involve deliberately spreading a disease to someone. Mods would lost their minds if it's COVID but when you change the letters to HIV, they suddenly jump to the defense as quickly as they'll mod someone for calling out racism.
Maybe not coincidentally, Conflict has had an alt banned in the meantime. I think pride will be the only thing keeping some people from admitting those 3 magic words: "TaiIs was right," though they may accept it tacitly.
Obvious answer to this one, they want to say whatever THEY want but think that any drama from others (even if imagined) should be modded. Gamefaqs has made it pretty clear that rules don't apply to mods' friends, so while anyone who complains about moderations should be deleted for "making drama," the modpets want to keep their drama topics because they're against people that got censored for stuff the mods don't like. The brigade once got to a point where only the APPROVED members could make the warned/suspended topics, and a mod would lock a topic or worse if it was made by someone not in the clique. Then of course Error threw goats under the bus and suddenly the topics were banned.
"Mark it and move on" is just advice they give to chumps whose complaints they want to bury and whose marks they will quickly ignore. "Dwell on drama forever" is the mantra of modpets, to make sure the people they don't like will get mass-marked and modded.
I have no idea who you are, or why you think you sit in judgment of who is worthy enough to post on a video game message board. My board, MAGA and LAAG were clearly wanted. The level of activity proved this. If it's not for you, there's this thing called the block feature, or you could make your own board and host the only person who agrees with you 100%: yourself.
This topic went on for 6 pages and we respond to it offsite, since it's the place we can talk without getting modded. Can you fault that? I dunno who you are btw.
TaiIs was right when he said mods were out to get conservatives. Hell there's even some stuff that I didn't consider which turned out to be true. For example, board 261+ launched an invasion of my community board unbeknownst to me at the time, along with gathering and releasing personal info of some users they didn't like. I got invited for a couple days on an alt late last year, and it wasn't what I assumed it would be (echochamber + some shit talk), it was worse (shit talk + invasion + personal info). Error's server wanted to bet on which users are artistic. I've been to a couple mod-run servers, and the mods who are more chill let me stick around. The real biased mods had me KOS'd or prebanned from their servers, and that makes me think something is up. I think what they're doing is even worse than what we already know.
Nothing's new about the first line of my signature, it's a mashup of past ones. A couple people on the Politics board called me that, so I put it in my sig one day. Even though I do agree that I am epic, I also know that I am just a guy on a message board. Even so, I can still do that epic-ly.
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2022.01.26 07:15 UdatManav People of India worship Narendra Modi like he’s a god. How can anyone trust a politician so much?

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2022.01.26 07:15 Successful_Throat_68 Oatly's nya aggressiva reklam mot mjölk.

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2022.01.26 07:15 OkAmount2255 37F mum of two autistic kids and love them to pieces.

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2022.01.26 07:15 elysion_haris 220126 woo!ah! Weverse Update - Sora

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2022.01.26 07:15 Jamster_1988 Bikes with big wheels.

I was walking through town and saw someone on a bike with wheels that looked like they'd be more at home on a superbike. What's up with that?
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2022.01.26 07:15 Snizzlefry Keyboardist Don Airey on His Years With Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath

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2022.01.26 07:15 Roblox838 Ha. As if Delayed Mentors will ever release his fanfic.

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2022.01.26 07:15 Environmental-Soil70 BC Camplight deserves more praise

He's been my favourite solo artist over the past couple of years. His Manchester trilogy of albums are hidden gems.
How to die in the north (2015) Deportation blues (2018) Shortly after takeoff (2020)
If you like quirky rock then these albums are well worth seeking out. He has got more exposure over the past few years but SAT was overshadowed by the pandemic.
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2022.01.26 07:15 Ill-Spirit-5982 Besharm Manager (Swipe) 😉

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2022.01.26 07:15 pinkpinkandmorepink another FUCKING essay FUCK

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2022.01.26 07:15 LifeAffect6762 Driver problems and high CPU

I have 8 core AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS 3.30 GHz and a RTX 3060 (ASUS ROG G14 2021) and every so often get a VERY high CPU (for maybe 30 seconds). I also get odd driver problems where everything goes black for a few seconds. I was using teams most of yesterday but this happened several times.
I was using OBS to record calls. Not had any other problems with any other software.
Any ideas?
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2022.01.26 07:15 santifont Dwayne Johnson participará en una película basada en un videojuego brutal al que lleva jugando durante años

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2022.01.26 07:15 deviner69 Quick Irish-style stew with garlic crustini

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2022.01.26 07:15 LovePrevailsOverAll It’s been too long since I last watered my plant

I have a beautiful monstera in my dorm room. I last watered in on December 13th and was under the impression that I’d be back after the holidays around January 2nd. I did add some extra water hoping it’d compensate for the extended duration.
As it turns out with the current Covid situation, I won’t be back until around Feb 25th. I was definitely not expecting this but now I feel like a very negligent care taker. And I can’t think of a way to get it watered bc I live about four hours away and that trip would take me a whole day and at least $100 in gas. I can’t ask someone to do it for me either since my door is locked and the building is mostly empty. The only way I can think of is to contact the staff and ask if they can go into my room for me and water the plant; and I doubt they’ll agree.
So I’ve tried to figure out if my plant is alright but most folks say it should be watered weekly, which is what I had usually done. I don’t know what I should do at this point and I really hope it’s alright.
Do you think it’ll last in good health until I’m back in my dorm? If it does suffer the consequences, will I be able to recover the damage by properly watering it once I’m back? Is there anything you recommend I do for now?
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2022.01.26 07:15 StrivingAkh Changes to options exams

"From September 2022, we'll be introducing professional skills marks into the Strategic Professional Options exams to better prepare you as a finance professional. The Options exams will have 20 marks awarded for professional skills which are demonstrated throughout the exam." - (ACCA)
What are your thoughts on this?
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2022.01.26 07:15 nix1grix Mafia Pride

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2022.01.26 07:15 Kalaam_Nozalys Maps do not load/appear in V9

Hi, today I tried to convert my game to v9 but upon loading, despite all the menus being there I could not load any map. All I have is the black background, not even the grid with an empty map. I tried deactivating all the modules but no change. Anyone has an advice ?
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