2022.01.26 08:24 Due-Software-8179

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2022.01.26 08:24 PeasKhichra Snowfall covers the Acropolis in Greece

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2022.01.26 08:24 FabinhoFps .

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2022.01.26 08:24 Brilliant_Contact_16 Wisconsion Park Fall Mining Site Is Officially Onboard on Feb, 20th, 2022

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2022.01.26 08:24 PinkSapphire736 Recently Retired

21 years as a Senior Chief. It’s hard to say what would’ve been the best route to take, but I feel like no one should do +20 years, in general. It’s not a good strategy for most people.
Whether to re-enlist is a personal choice and only the individual knows what the right choice is. So I’ve never over the years tried to pursuance anyone to stay Navy or to get out. This rant is based off of what I’ve experienced in the last couple months in job searching.
This is a social media post, not a 200-page book. So there’s a lot I’m not writing here to keep it relatively short.
At about 10 years a Nuke has maxed out what they can put on a resume specific to the Navy, which is in line with civilian opinion on job hopping. Getting a degree (e.g. Thomas Edison), getting Master Training Specialist, and qualifying EWS (and EOOW if you can) are the big ticket items. Being in leadership matters, so WCS, LPO, or chief.
Staying at one company for too long stagnates your professional development. Usually switching jobs is the opportunity to increase your pay or move up a position. Getting out at 21 years I felt like I have just virtually the same job opportunities in front of me as a Nuke with 10 years or less. (
The things that were holding me back in my job search were no Bachelors degree and lack of professional experience. As illogical as it is, it’s just a fact that many companies require a degree for many job positions with no option for substituting equivalent years of experience. Things are done so differently outside the Navy that I can only transfer my soft skills with very little relevant hard skills.
So being able to claim on a resume 10 years experience in plant operations, maintenance, and training is the same as what I can put on my resume but using “21 years” instead. That sounds impressive but when getting down to the actual act of interviewing for a job it doesn’t put me above a college graduate applicant or a 6-and-out Navy Nuke. Like the Ops Training Instructor position I interviewed for but then rescinded my application because the pay range maxed out at $95k and my gross Navy pay is $116k. That position is basically entry level, which is the level that every sailor is at when separating from Navy. The industry attracts people who already have their SRO certification/license buy naming the position Senior Training Instructor.
My job search began not looking at civilian nuclear power at all. I was looking at conventional companies for “maintenance supervisor” positions. And some paid $110-130k. But I realized I needed to go into the nuclear energy industry in order to make the money I’m making now. Entry level SRO going through the licensing class (18 months) is about $125k max.
Someone getting out after 6-10 years being 30 years old or less, getting a job paying $80k is good and finding one paying over $100k is big bump in pay. But for a Senior Chief with a family it’s a pay cut. So I have fewer jobs open to me because I have a higher base salary need. The higher in salary you go the more a college degree is expected and the more no-shit experience in that job is expected. Supervising maintenance is a fairly universal thing so I can swing getting into that job but I can’t legitimately expect to be paid more than someone with 10 years of in-industry experience.
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2022.01.26 08:24 antmorr General-purpose low-code platform for developers

Linx is a general-purpose low-code platform for building backends like APIs, automations and integrations. It is an abstraction of programming itself and not domain, process or tooling specific. This means it can be used for any backend application in any domain with no limitations on connections to other tools and services.
The use of a programming abstraction makes Linx extremely powerful. It is not constrained by a domain or use-case driven paradigm and is often used in conjunction with other low-code tools to provide the API or integration services that those tools are not designed for.
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2022.01.26 08:24 ChibiM NLD: Lumintop Thor II gen 2 LEP Flashlight

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2022.01.26 08:24 paulr70 new to IOS and 1password, couple of questions.

Hey All
I`ve been through lastpass and bitwarden and now trying a year of 1password which i`m enjoying, but having also just moved from android to iphone just wanted to check if these are correct.
1/ finding some apps if i need to register my name and email i get no autofill or help options. Even long press it just shows up a "scan text" option. I need to go out to 1password copy and back in. Also my profile that i setup i dont get any options to fill name, email,etc. Or is this an IOS thing, in android it would always remember these details, finding i`m having to type in my email alot!
2/ Had 1Password pop up for a login in web browser but it only seems to show Logins, couldnt get to Identities from inside the browser. Having to switch to 1Password app and copy and paste.
3/ On Windows PC i have windows hello setup, it always asks for a password when starting up. Is there a way to get rid of this, surely face id is enough after a restart.
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.26 08:24 SamboTheGr8 I too find it unbelievable. But maybe in another way

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2022.01.26 08:24 AllenResearch Check out my new NFT collection
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2022.01.26 08:24 pumpkincake_19 The network signal is going down. And some kinda google assistant is giving me instructions now. Someone send help

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2022.01.26 08:24 Anita23-1 I’m looking for honest and straightforward sugar baby I’ll spoil with $$$$$$

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2022.01.26 08:24 Admirable_You892 Posters and prints

I’ve moved back to Norwich recently and am a bit out of the loop. Where could I buy nice quality posters/prints in the city? My go-to was previously Brambles! Seems whole market is online now, but I want to browse them in person.
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2022.01.26 08:24 VioletAstera 20 Sweet Potatoes

Does anyone have 20 Sweet Potatoes that they can trade me? Need it for the Westown Link Rank
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2022.01.26 08:24 GollyGeeSon Felicity Jones

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2022.01.26 08:24 Purely_Objective Following the tracks

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2022.01.26 08:24 mrpotatohugger Whats the best movie soundtrack?

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2022.01.26 08:24 CreativeAd3264 Should you workout after covid? worried about heart problem / myocarditis

I'm 25 fairly healthy and triple vaccinated. I just read a post on here about someone getting myocarditis after omicron. I had my booster 10 days before my infection btw.. Im wondering do the chances of getting myocarditis get worse because of how recent my booster was as well? does anyone have experience with this or something similar?
also I have been quarantined in a room for 10 days and because I couldn't cook or anything I have DoorDashed literally EVERY meal for the last 10 days so my diet has been horrible..(one of my symptoms seemed to be nonstop hunger). probably put a lot of load on my organs and heart. this is also part of the reason im worried.
I'll be going back to my regular "healthy" diet tomorrow. I was also going to start a pretty intense training program this coming Monday but, I'm worried about my heart...should I avoid working out?
is there anything I can do to prevent myocarditis?
any input would be appreciated .. thanks!
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2022.01.26 08:24 Gotchapawn Back in SM: NWH, they talked about spidey some spidey stuff and i wish

it maybe short but the three spideys did share alot of things and exchange some experiences like kind of beings they fought, With 2 spideys fighting aliens and it made Andrews spidey lacking. He even noted that like he isnt amazing or something. SO I just wished writers gave them a different topic, like the most memorable rescue or saving. For Tobey itll be that train, For Tom that can be the elevator or the ferry and Andrew would be that amazing split second thinking when he faced Electro the first time.
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2022.01.26 08:24 KnowledgeGaming Idk why I decided that pulling for the other Cryofus was a good idea right before Ganyu rerun, but I'm now at 22 pity on a 50/50 and my friend hasn't payed me back yet. I got too greedy going for Ganyu support and have payed for it dearly.

Idk why I decided that pulling for the other Cryofus was a good idea right before Ganyu rerun, but I'm now at 22 pity on a 50/50 and my friend hasn't payed me back yet. I got too greedy going for Ganyu support and have payed for it dearly. submitted by KnowledgeGaming to Ganyu [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 08:24 Practical_League2635 What activity counts towards double dipping loyalty points between jan and mar 2022?

I understand base miles earned through co branded CC spend and flying will count. How about base miles earned with Aadvantage EShopping, Rocketmiles, dining, car rental, hotels etc?
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2022.01.26 08:24 FlatPenguinToboggan [Review] Terra Nullius by Claire G. Coleman – Colonisation from the perspective of the powerless

Terra Nullius opens like a work of historical fiction, telling a story of colonisation that would be familiar to many Australians. “Settlers” have taken over a hot, dry, hostile land and are determined to “educate” the native population. Told from the perspectives of both settlers and natives in intersecting storylines, this is ultimately a story about the little people trying to get by in a hostile world with no power to effect any real change. Coleman takes a generous view of the colonisers, carefully balancing villains with voices of reason. But she also takes quite an idealistic view of the native population, who are uniformly depicted as kind and generous at every turn. Neither colonisers or natives want to be where they are but all they can do is endure and survive, while trying to keep their integrity intact.
The opening half of the book draws heavily on real Australian history and this is a fair account of a long list of sins. But, I will note that this was filed in my library’s science fiction section (and I’m posting this on fantasy), so it’s hard to pretend to not know that there must be a twist. Coleman takes full advantage of the written format, knowing that the audience cannot see what she does not show. My one major beef with the novel is that the twist is too long in coming. Details are sacrificed in favour of mystery, and this hurts the writing in the first half of the book. When the reveal arrives, it turns out to be a clever premise backed by neat worldbuilding, and I really wished that it had come earlier.
The real highlight of the novel are the “historical documents” which open each chapter. The mimicry is so good that I believed the early passages were actual historical accounts. The later passages maintain all of the style and offer insights into differing viewpoints and the history of world. These are tantalising glimpses of the larger world and the forces at work, and could almost be excised and compiled into a short story/novella by themselves.
This is unmistakably an Australian novel, written in an Australian voice, featuring the Australian landscape. It’s hard to find that backdrop in spec fic. It’s even harder to find spec fic about colonisation from an Indigenous voice and Terra Nullius is worth a look in for that alone.
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2022.01.26 08:24 RepresentativeToe628 Duolingo sharing account

Hello, I share my subscription, you can join me by this link.
It cost to you 2,5€ by month.
Have a good day.
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2022.01.26 08:24 D3vi1b0y Jersey City police officer, woman are charged with child abuse: prosecutor

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2022.01.26 08:24 Albertjweasel Man on scrambler bike warned by police after scaring walkers in Lancaster wood

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