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2022.01.26 08:51 alittlebitofdlc UK Player

Hello everyone! I’m sure there may be help somewhere here already but I need advice.
I’m based in the UK and have been dying to play this since the Japanese release as I’m a big fan of Yana Tabaso and Disney but like many I’m very disappointed that is is only in the US and Canada.
As I’m impatient, as an iOS user what is the best way for me to go about being able to download this app?
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2022.01.26 08:51 BloodySpaghetti The Snake Eating Its Own Tail

I died. Countless times I’ve died, only to be reborn again. So many times, I’ve died, so many times I’ve been reborn, so many lives I’ve seen and been. My deaths are so numerous I can no longer remember most of them. In fact, I’m not sure why am I able to remember any of them. Reincarnation is a fact of life, death, and rebirth it would appear. There is a kink in the cosmic system It seems. Or perhaps there was.
The first time I still remember dying I was driving somewhere in the middle of the night. It’s all so blurry now. I must’ve fallen asleep at the wheel because everything turned black for a hot second before shining twin lights shook me out of my slumber. Becoming increasingly brighter and closer. There was no time to think anything, no time to react, no time for any emotion to form.
Bright lights
Intense pain in every single cell of my body.
Falling down a tunnel of endless darkness. Cold and alone.
Waking up from a nightmare. My death.
I woke up next to a woman I didn’t know. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Memories that weren’t my own slowly flooded my mind as I sat up and stared at who turned out to be my brand-new wife I never remembered having. We had three kids together. I had a decent income. My life was good, even though it wasn’t my own. I felt alien in my new body for a while, but the feeling eventually subsided. This reincarnation was pleasant. I had gotten to live long and healthy. Death eventually came. This time, it felt awful. The scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.
An old man, aged ninety-six. A terrible fire raged inside my chest, choking the air from within my lungs and tearing apart my heart. I grasped my chest. Fear, solid fear, ran in my veins as the pain got worse and worse, taking over everything. The dread in my system only made things worse.
Eventually heart stoppage.
Pain is sharply gone.
Everything disappeared with the pain.
Falling down a tunnel of endless darkness. Cold and alone.
Waking up from a nightmare. My death.
Woke up on a space shuttle, somewhere in the middle of cosmic nothing. Foreign memories flooding the mind again, blooming like shining toxic flowers in my mind. Countless deaths and countless lives overriding the neural system. An epileptic fit triggered by the intense stress and the onset of a solar flare nearby that flickered mercilessly in front of me. A gradual disappearance of self.
Falling down a tunnel of endless darkness. Cold and alone.
Waking up from a nightmare. My death.
Mortified by the nightmare of being a glistening god in a glistening heavenly chariot, I awoke as a child of the step. A member of the Barlas, relatives, and friends of the great Khan. I rode side by side with the great khan across the endless steppes. Conquering the world in his name, spreading his message to the sinful masses who’ve betrayed their own gods.
Forever haunted by memories and faces of people and beings I could not comprehend. A beautiful woman, blue-eyed and fair, followed me in my mind throughout my long and illustrious life as a steppe nomad.
I succumbed to the common flu. I was old and weak. The fever burned through me like fire burns through dry grass.
One moment I was burning and the next I was in the dark.
Falling down a tunnel of endless darkness. Cold and alone.
Waking up from a nightmare. My death.
Countless more lives and deaths came, too many to count, too many to remember. The memories always followed. The dread intensified to the point of becoming its own being inside of me in a certain lifetime, perhaps previous to this.
A parasite that ate away at me from birth.
There was a constant fear of everything, of the self, of the delusions and visions in my mind.
It was short.
A mere twenty-seven at the age of death.
Cause: Suicide.
Tormented by visions of that fair blue-eyed woman, confessions of love and expression of anger overcome. Hallmarks of a relationship. Memories that are too distant and too foreign to make sense. Taken for delusion and causing endless and immeasurable fear.
A pull of the trigger and a sharp pain in the jaw.
Fear is gone.
Falling down a tunnel of endless darkness. Cold and alone.
The rest is a blur until my current life.
I woke up behind the wheel, driving a truck. It was night, there was rain. I was exhausted. Something felt wrong, something I couldn’t put my mind to it. There were all these strange memories and thoughts. Voices, faces, places.
The date on my phone said December Twenty-first, Twenty twenty-one.
Bright lights looked up.
A car was right in front of me.
Tried to pull the brakes, but couldn’t make it in time.
A loud crash.
Pain from impact, bleeding, and dazed.
Alive, still alive.
Stumbled out of the truck.
An obliterated private in front of me, three bodies torn into shreds. Broken bones and shattered organs all over the vehicle. Static noise ringing in my ears. Terrible stomach ache.
Dread and collapse.
Sudden darkness.
Voices breaking through the darkness.
Lights… Bright lights…
In an ambulance, heading towards a hospital, concussed, broken orbital bone.
Can’t feel a thing.
Memories that are not my own flooding the mind, memories from previous lives I’ve seen and ended.
A beautiful, fair woman sits beside me, tears in her blue eyes as she holds my hand. Tears of mixed joy and pain. Her presence is identical to the one from my memories, yet different. She silences the memories in my mind.
The cycle appears to be broken. The memories no longer haunt me. They’re there, but I have to bring them up to remember, and with each passing day; I remember less and less.
Less and less…
Sometimes I am afraid that I might forget too much…
Sometimes it all fades too fast.
Waking up in the middle of the night, confused and covered in a cold sweat; not remembering why I even woke up.
Yet there is one constant. My guardian angel is always beside me.
Thanks to my blue-eyed angel, my love, I am free from the endless cycle of death and rebirth.
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2022.01.26 08:51 calliroe My personal onboarding hell

I’m currently an intern in a F500 company, who got offered another dream position in another F500 company in Europe. The offer was extended to me on the 11th of January. I also got a background check request through Sterling (didn’t ask for employment references though) and I have signed a contract with an official start date. So far the process has been okay, but my onboarding is becoming a personal hell.
Over the course of the last week, I have been in touch with, like, four HR people (TA Ops) that are sorting out the hiring for me. Mostly they have been asking for official documents to “set up my account in the Company system” (I’m assuming Microsoft enterprise account + SAP HR system) a process that was started this Monday. The other HR person I spoke to last week mentioned that she will be in touch with me this week for an update on my onboarding process, but so far nothing from her.
I’m set to start working on February 1st (remotely), but I will have to relocate this weekend to the new city the company is in and possibly collect my equipment. So far everybody has been super helpful and forthcoming, but I have received no real indications about my onboarding abs especially my equipment, and this stresses me out as my official starting date is not even a week away.
Secondly, I have received no updates/requests for the background check (15 days ago now), which I’m assuming is a good sign. I’m not particularly worried about it, since I provided my certifications of employment and all the documents needed. To calm my nerves I have just convinced myself that if something had been missing in my background check, they wouldn’t have started to set my account up in the system in the first place. Just out of curiosity, are you supposed to get a notification once your report is ready?
What concerns me the most is my onboarding. So far everybody said I would be getting an update this week but so far nothing. I’m aware it’s just Wednesday, but in my other jobs I would get at least a heads up about equipment and support from a Buddy before the official start date. I am currently debating if I should send an email tomorrow in the afternoon to the HR person that claimed will be following me in my onboarding (and maybe an email to my line manager on Monday if I get no reply, but hopefully it doesn’t come to that). I just would like some feedback on this timeline, to check whether I would sound too needy or desperate!
I am posting this more as a way to vent and find validation than anything else. I just have the irrational fear that they will “change their mind” about me and leave me stranded in a different city, with no job! Any advice on how calm my nerves? My boyfriend says I’m overthinking and I agree, but I can’t get my mind off this.
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2022.01.26 08:51 nickthebeast2121 At the beach with my new phone

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2022.01.26 08:51 Great-spread7345-Alt When will they understand?

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2022.01.26 08:51 ImReellySmart The online popularity of the word "unprecedented" over the past 5 years. Guess when lockdown was announced [OC]

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2022.01.26 08:51 Maxcactus Imani Perry's 'South to America' reflects on the region's problematic history

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2022.01.26 08:51 gummibaby Fallen Rose NFT 🌹 "Extreme Rose" Giveaway! Follow @xnuonux, and comment to win this $5000.00 NFT! 🌹

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2022.01.26 08:51 YasirAli858 CodeLobster IDE Professional Crack 2022 + Activation Code Free Download

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2022.01.26 08:51 sparklinghottea I’ve always liked older men.

Since I was a teen. Draco Malfoy who? I was fawning over Lucius.
My husband and I have a 22 year gap and when people find out they immediately scream ‘you’re being groomed.’ Fucking please. I was a legal adult when we started dating and everyone has likes and preferences. Mine happen to be older men.
Also. Context matters. You don’t fucking know me or what I’ve been through. You don’t know what my husband has been through. Have you ever been so miserable that maybe, just maybe the one person who makes you happy just so happens to be oldeyounger? Christ. People just see what’s on the outside and immediately think the worst.
But I get. There are so many fucking creeps. So a big f-you to older adults creeping on younger adults. You guys give age gap relationships such a bad rep.
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2022.01.26 08:51 Gaming_Research_Psy Kurze, spannende online-Studie

Hallo zusammen,
im Rahmen des Projektseminars am Lehrstuhl für Sozial- und Medienpsychologie der Universität zu Köln führe ich eine kleine, spannende Studie bezüglich der Bewertung von Avataren als Autoren eines Nachrichten-Artikels durch.
Die Studie dauert nur ca. 10-15 Minuten. Die Teilnahme ist ausschließlich an einem Laptop oder PC möglich.
Mit eurer Teilnahme würdet ihr mir sehr weiterhelfen, gerne beantworte ich auch eure Fragen!
Der folgende Link führt zur Studie:
Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung!
Projektseminar Sozial- und Medienpsychologie
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2022.01.26 08:51 SopaDeMolhoShoyu Promessa pelo Palmeiras ter vencido o título da Copinha: Review da discografia da Lindsey Stirling.

Antes do review, fiquem com uma bela foto de Lindsey. Só não recomendo encarar essa imagem como um NFT, hahahaha.

Salve, salve! Me inspirando nesse excelente post, do também palmeirense u/vitorz e, conforme eu prometi que faria caso o meu querido Palmeiras vencesse a Copinha, eu estou aqui fazendo um review da discografia da talentosa violinista norte-americana Lindsey Stirling. Pois bem, o Verdão venceu pela primeira vez a Copinha, dando fim a anos de gozações dos adversários, e eu estou aqui, cumprindo a minha promessa (também quero doar dinheiro para alguma instituição de caridade, mas farei isso quando eu estiver melhor financeiramente). As regras desse review são as mesmas do u/vitor_z, quando ele fez o review da discografia da Demi Lovato, ou seja:

Bom, chega de falatório...vamos ao que importa, ou seja, o review da discografia da instrumentista mais icônica da última década!

Lindsey Stirling - 2012 Primeiro álbum de Lindsey Stirling, que chegou ao estrelato pela sua interessante mistura do belo som do violino com batidas eletrônicas similares àquelas do dubstep, criando uma identidade musical realmente única e inovadora. A música mais famosa do álbum, e, certamente, a mais conhecida da carreira de Lindsey, é "Crystallize", cujo vídeo esteve entre os 10 mais vistos do mundo no YouTube em 2012.
O álbum possui músicas rápidas e dançantes, como "Spontaneous Me", "Stars Align" e "Minimal Beat", e outras com ritmo mais cadenciado, como é o caso da já citada "Crystallize", "Elements" e "Song Of The Caged Bird", que eu considero a melhor do álbum, pelo lindo arranjo do violino. Outra música interessante e muito boa é "Moon Trance", que tem uma temática meio macabra, ao melhor estilo dos filmes de terror. Mesmo que eu considere "Anti Gravity" e "Zi-Zi's Journey" boas músicas, penso que elas não estão no mesmo nível do resto do trabalho. De qualquer forma, é um excelente álbum, principalmente se considerarmos que foi a estréia de Lindsey. Por isso, dei uma nota alta.
Nota: 8,5
Favorita: "Song Of The Caged Bird"
Malquista: "Zi-Zi's Journey"

Shatter Me (Deluxe) - 2014 Considero esse como sendo o meu álbum preferido da Lindsey Stirling, e confesso que foi difícil de escolher tanto a melhor música quanto a malquista, pois eu honestamente gosto muito de todas. Os críticos adoraram "Shatter Me", que também venceu o Billboard Music Awards de melhor álbum de música eletrônica em 2015.
Em "Shatter Me", a violinista passou a experimentar mais musicalmente e, pela primeira vez na carreira da violinista, temos participações especiais. A faixa-título conta com vocais de Lzzy Hale, a talentosa cantora e guitarrista do Halestorm, ao passo em que "We Are Giants" é cantada por Dia Frampton. Em alguns momentos do álbum, se nota um interessante uso de vocalizações feitas pela própria Lindsey.
Falando das faixas, há diversas que alternam maravilhosamente entre passagens lentas e rápidas, como "Take Flight", "Ascendance" e a minha preferida, "Beyond The Veil", que abre o álbum e é uma verdadeira viagem musical. Essas músicas, mesmo não sendo exatamente dançantes, são muito agradáveis de serem ouvidas, encantando o ouvinte. Em "Roundtable Rival", há um excelente duelo de guitarra versus violino, enquanto que "Shatter Me" não ficaria tão deslocada em um álbum de metal sinfônico, com uma ótima contribuição de Lzzy Hale nos vocais. "Mirror Haus", "V-Pop" e "Swag" são mais rápidas e dançantes, lembrando o primeiro trabalho de Lindsey, ao passo em que "Master Of Tides" tem uma temática de um pirata navegando pelos mares, soando diferente do resto do álbum, mas ainda assim combinando com as outras músicas. A faixa que eu menos gosto é "We Are Giants", porém, ainda assim, é uma excelente música. Um belíssimo trabalho de Lindsey, e, possivelmente, o melhor álbum de música instrumental dos últimos 10 anos.
Nota: 9,5
Favorita: "Beyond The Veil"
Malquista: "We Are Giants"

Brave Enough (Deluxe Edition) - 2016 Esse é um bom álbum, porém não considero que chega ao nível dos anteriores. Se há algum álbum que, do ponto de vista musical, pode ser considerado o ponto baixo da discografia de Lindsey, esse álbum é "Brave Enough". Mas estamos falando de Lindsey Stirling, uma artista muito talentosa e, mesmo um trabalho abaixo da média para ela ainda consegue ser muito bom. E, por conta disso, "Brave Enough" rendeu mais um Billboard Music Awards de melhor álbum de música eletrônica.
O grande problema do álbum é que ele conta com um número excessivo de participações especiais, nada menos que nove, entre elas as cantoras Christina Perri e ZZ Ward e o frontman do Weezer, Rivers Cuomo.
Neste álbum, as músicas só com a Lindsey são melhores do que as músicas com os convidados especiais. "The Arena" é, possivelmente, a melhor música já gravada pela violinista. "First Light", "Lost Girls" e "Waltz" também são excelentes. Também é importante mencionar a emocionante homenagem que a violinista fez ao falecido tecladista de sua banda em "Gavi's Song". Porém, temos músicas como "Brave Enough", "Where Do We Go" e "Those Days", com os convidados especiais. Por isso, elas não possuem muito destaque nas passagens instrumentais e, em certos momentos, soam até genéricas. Entretanto, temos boas músicas com participação de outros artistas, como "Mirage", "Hold My Heart", "Something Wild" e "Don't Let This Feeling Fade". Colocando-se tudo em uma balança, temos um bom álbum no geral, mas que fica devendo em relação ao resto da discografia de Lindsey.
Nota: 7,0
Favorita: "The Arena"
Malquista: "Brave Enough"

Warmer In The Winter (Deluxe Edition) - 2018 Lindsey Stirling sempre teve um grande fascínio pelo Natal, então era algo natural que a violinista fizesse um álbum natalino. "Warmer In The Winter" foi lançado ao final de 2017, com a versão Deluxe Edition presente no Spotify sendo lançada ao final de 2018. Esse álbum acabou se provando uma boa oportunidade para a carreira de Lindsey, que passou a fazer turnês anuais com temática natalina nos Estados Unidos.
Confesso não ser fã de álbuns natalinos em geral, mas "Warmer In The Winter" é um trabalho sólido, tendo respeitáveis releituras de canções típicas de Natal e boas músicas próprias. Ele conta com menos participações especiais do que "Brave Enough", com Becky G em "Christmas C'Mon", Sabrina Carpenter em "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch", Alex Gaskarth em "Time To Fall In Love" e o trombonista Trombone Shorty fazendo um belo solo na faixa-título. As passagens instrumentais são muito boas, e Lindsey inclusive assume os vocais em "Warmer In The Winter", "Santa Baby" e "I Wonder As I Wander", que é provavelmente a música que mais lembra as dos álbuns convencionais da violinista, e a que eu mais gosto no álbum. "Santa Baby" não compromete, mas não é uma música que eu costumo ouvir. Vale a menção de "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy", uma roupagem moderna para o clássico "O Quebra-Nozes" de Tchaikovsky. Mais um belo trabalho de Lindsey Stirling.
Nota: 8,0
Favorita: "I Wonder As I Wander"
Malquista: "Santa Baby"

Artemis - 2019 Esse é o trabalho mais recente de Lindsey, lançado alguns meses antes da pandemia. Em algumas entrevistas, a violinista declarou que, com "Artemis", ela queria voltar às raízes, fazer algo mais próximo dos primeiros álbuns dela. Eu diria que funcionou, visto que "Artemis" é um álbum mais parecido com "Lindsey Stirling" e "Shatter Me" do que com "Brave Enough" do ponto de vista sonoro. Na minha humilde opinião, empata em qualidade com "Shatter Me", mesmo que eu pessoalmente prefira o trabalho lançado em 2014.
Dessa vez, Lindsey apostou em um álbum temático, e inclusive uma série de mangás foi publicada com a história por trás de "Artemis". As melodias de violino estão mais trabalhadas, e as músicas com belíssimas transições entre passagens lentas e rápidas mais uma vez se fazem presentes, assim como as vocalizações. Há duas participações especiais: Amy Lee, do Evanescence, e Elle King. Além disso, Lindsey arrisca nos vocais em "Foreverglow".
Os pontos fortes estão em "Underground", em "Artemis", em "Til The Light Goes Out", que tem uma espécie de coro tribal em seu encerramento, em "Between Twilight" e em "Love Goes On And On", a música cantada por Amy Lee. Em "Foreverglow", Lindsey mostra que, além de ser uma grande violinista, também consegue ser uma vocalista competente. Existem duas versões de "The Upside", uma instrumental e outra com vocais de Elle King. Considero esta última sendo o ponto fraco do álbum, visto que acho a versão instrumental muito superior. De qualquer forma, "Artemis" é um belíssimo álbum, que mostra uma Lindsey Stirling mais madura do que os trabalhos anteriores, e mal posso esperar pelo próximo registro da violinista, que já está sendo produzido.
Nota: 9,5
Favorita: "Underground"
Malquista: "The Upside" (feat. Elle King)

Bom, é isso aí. Ficam aqui os meus agradecimentos por vocês lerem esse review sobre essa artista tão interessante que é a Lindsey Stirling. Aos que não conhecem o trabalho dela, fica minha recomendação para ouvir, ela é uma artista muito legal. Confesso que atingi o limite de caracteres do Reddit, então tive que cortar algumas coisas, hahahaha. E claro, aceito sugestões de promessas para cumprir caso o Palmeiras ganhe o Mundial de Clubes.
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2022.01.26 08:51 Nihilisticky Every time - she knows I'm gonna pick her up and put her on my lap, and every time she leaves dissatisfied within a minute. All or nothing missy here.

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2022.01.26 08:51 jakkals82567 So accurate

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2022.01.26 08:51 dream_in_blue Intel wins appeal against $1.2 bln EU antitrust fine

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2022.01.26 08:51 Noledgebase Build Your Own File Sharing Website ($19.99 to FREE)

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2022.01.26 08:51 No_Station_2652 Ground To Ground Episode 12-Birmingham City-St Andrew's | AFC Finners | Groundhopping Vlog

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2022.01.26 08:51 Immediate-Basket-822 When I want a big serving I have.... This is one I've had 10 years and it's a fave.

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2022.01.26 08:51 Zealousideal-Pop2485 (WTS)(NSW) Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super Windforce OC Graphics Card - $850 OBO

Hi looking to offload my trusty old Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super Windforce OC Graphics Card to another gamer now that I've gotten my hands on a 3090. Runs 1440p amazingly but I've procured a RTX 3090 for some 4K gaming.
Looking for $850 or shoot me your best offer.
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2022.01.26 08:51 Realistic_Building_5 RHCP as mentioned on the pod are DEFINITELY (partly) pedos

The shit is all over the singers wikipedia, hes had 'relationships' with several underage girls, but i got a scoop on the drummer, chad smith
a bit before covid they were on tour to my smallish city hometown in Australia and chad smith came to bar. a good mate of mine who doesnt joke around/bullshit about this kind of stuff knows the manager there. the manager relayed to him that chad asked them to clear out the bar for him and get him coke, which they did. he then asked them to get underaged girls for him, like specifically underage. 'somehow' they procured one pretty easily for him, and he took her into the toilets and you know
this shit goes on every fucking where and its disgusting, and lots of people seem to think its not that big of a deal. wild shit.
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2022.01.26 08:51 NewsElfForEnterprise More than 5K people under boil-water advisory after water main break in St. Lucie County

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2022.01.26 08:51 Plasticratpainter In what scenarios would I take Ratling guns or Warpfire throwers in AOS?

Hey guys just as the title says I’d appreciate any advice :) !
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2022.01.26 08:51 thewholedamnplanet South Florida Family Hoping for Justice After Accidental Shooting Kills 15-Year-Old

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2022.01.26 08:51 sujai1234 Chicken Drumstick Recipe | Home-made Chicken Recipe | Easy And Tasty Drumstick Recipe

Required Ingredients:
½ a cup of curd
2 lemons juice (cut into two pieces)
2 tbsp of cornflour
4 tbsp of besan flour
½ a tbsp of chillie powder
1 tbsp of coriander powder
1 tbsp of garam masala
10 pieces of chicken legs
Marination Procedure:
Take a large bowl, add the chicken legs, add the salt as needed, add the lemon juice, add the curd, add the ginger-garlic paste, add besan flour, cornflour, chillie powder, coriander powder, garam masala. Mix all the ingredients well. Refrigerate the chicken for 3-4 hours
Paste Preparation:
Take a mixer jar, add 2 pods of whole garlic, add ½ sliced onion, few chopped ginger cut into equal sizes, 4-5 green chillies, 1 tbsp of black pepper, 1 tbsp of cumin seeds
5 cloves, prepare a fine paste.
Take a frying pan. Once the oil is heated up, drop the chicken legs one by one. Deep fry the chicken legs on medium flame for up to 6-8 minutes untill it is golden brown in colour. Now, chicken drumsticks are ready to serve!
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2022.01.26 08:51 theshepherdx Drew a friend of mine, hope you guys like it!

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