Just some historically relevant sections as to why the IDF are a terrorist organisation.

2021.11.26 21:24 pihkaltih Just some historically relevant sections as to why the IDF are a terrorist organisation.

“Atrocities and acts of [Jewish] brutality characterized this period [the fighting with Arabs to formally create a Jewish state in 1948]: summary executions, rape, blowing up houses along with their occupants, looting and plundering, and leaving hundreds of villagers to their own devices in the fields, without food or water. The most serious atrocities were committed in the village of al-Dawayima, on the western slopes of the Hebron Highlands … The occupying [Israeli] forces indiscriminately killed between 80 and 100 male villagers, blew up houses together with their occupants, murdered women and children, and committed rape. According to eyewitness testimony, these acts were committed ‘not in the heat of battle and inflamed passions, but out of a system of expulsion and destruction” …. These atrocities – which fifty years later are regarded as libel, invented by the enemies of Israel, and whose retelling is perceived as an example of rewriting history by revisionist historians – were, at the time they took place, known to ministers in the Israeli government, military commanders, and even the general public. The government set up commissions of inquiry and the army set up commissions of its own, but the work of these bodies came to naught because soldiers and officers refused to testify against their comrades in arms.” [BENVENISTI, M., 2000, p. 153]
“At night, those of us who couldn’t restrain ourselves would go into the prison compounds to fuck Arab women. I want very much to assume, and perhaps even can, that those who couldn’t restrain themselves did what they thought the Arabs would have done to them had they won the war. Once, only once, did an Arab woman – perhaps a distant relative of [head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine George] Habash – dare to complain. There was a court martial. The complainant didn’t even get to testify. The accused, who was sitting behind the judges, ran the back of his hand across his throat, as a signal to the woman. She understood. The rapist was not acquitted, he simply was not accused, because there was no one who would are accuse him. Two years later he was killed while plowing the fields of an Arab village, one no longer on the map because its inhabitants scattered and left it empty.” [ELLIS, 1990, p. 106]
In 1988 Israeli author David Grossman recounts with shame his meeting with Wadha Isma’il, a Palestinian woman in an Occupied Territory refugee camp. As a small girl, upon working in the family fields, Wadha watched Israeli soldiers blindfold her father, and then heard him shot behind some bushes. “I began to cry,” she told Grossman, “The soldiers who had stayed with me asked me: Who is that man to you? I said: ‘He is my father.’ They said: ‘Go to the garden down there, and you’ll see that he is harvesting lettuce and eggplant.’ When I was some distance from them, I glanced back and I saw one of the soldiers aiming his rifle at me. I was frightened and bent over. His bullet hit my neck and came out the other side.” “I don’t know what to say her,” writes Grossman, “and she interprets my silence, apparently, as disbelief. ‘Look,’ she says, and her work-hardened fingers undo her kerchief, and she smiles a sort of apology about having to bother me with her wound. I see an ugly scar in back, and another ugly scar in front. Young Hana cries. It seems that Wadha is her mother. ‘Every time I hear that story, it is as if it were the first time,’ Hanan says.” [GROSSMAN, D., 1988, p. 70-71]
Israeli professor and Holocaust survivor Israel Shahak wrote about another set of atrocities by Jews against the Palestinians during the late 1980s uprising (the “Intifada.”) Shahak translated eyewitness accounts from the Israeli Hebrew press into English. In his introduction to a compilation of such testimonies, Shahak noted that: “The systematic use of atrocities, which in their intensity and the special intention to humiliate are Nazi-like and should be compared to the analogous German Nazi methods, is intentional and in fact constitutes the Israeli method for ruling Palestinians … There should be also no doubt that those Nazi-like horrors can and probably will become worse, if not stopped from the outside, and their use can lead to actual genocide, whether by ‘transfer’ or extermination. Indeed, this is one of my reasons for assembling this collection: to show that the actual genocide of the Palestinians in the territories is now possible, since those Israeli soldiers and officers who have committed the outrages recorded here are capable of anything and everything.” [ELLIS, M., 1990, p. 85]
As Aharon Cizling, the Israeli Minister of Agriculture at the time, wrote: “Now Jews too have behaved like Nazis and my entire being has been shaken … Obviously we have to conceal these actions from the public, and I agree that we should not even reveal that we’re investigating them. But they must be investigated.” [ELLIS, M., 1990, p. 92]
“We not only eradicated Arab place names [in Israel],” notes former Jerusalem deputy mayor Meron Benvenisti, “we actually destroyed the places as well.” [BENVENISTI, p. 196] The Israeli erasure of Palestinian history was consciously as complete as possible. As Benvenisti notes “I was aware for quite some time that the Palestinian Research Institute in Beirut was compiling files on each Palestinian village in Israel. Since the beginning of the [Lebanon] war I wondered about the fate of those files. I was fairly sure that General [Ariel] Sharon and General Eitan would search them out, seize them, and destroy them in order to complete the eradication of Arab Palestine. That is what eventually happened when the Israeli army entered West Beirut.” [BENVENISTI, p. 198]
Benvenisti also notes the Israeli creation of a place called “Peace Forest” on the sites of eradicated Arab villages near Jerusalem, utterly destroyed to guarantee that the inhabitants never returned. “To call it Peace Forest,” he laments, “to take well-meaning [Jewish] donors and with their money turn all these orchards into a picnic area for Israelis and tourists is something else entirely. This betrays not only a lack of sensitivity but is something that must eventually corrupt our youth … Dehumanization is a contagious disease.” [BENVENISTI, p. 200-201]
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I've noticed that by the time I make it to the end of a campaign, the game starts to lag a bit. Especially in the overworld event pages. Anyone else run into this issue? I'm sure it's not my PC's specs, as I have plenty of everything.
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2021.11.26 21:24 myroyal7829 Penis gets red/irritated during sex

This is embarrassing but I really need help with this problem. Please save the "go see a doctor" comments because I've seen a couple of them and haven't got useful information/advice/treatment. I'm hoping a doctor here or someone with knowledge/experience can help me.
My penis (the head and foreskin) gets very red and irritated/overly sensitive during sex and stays that way, plus being a little puffy/swollen, for several days afterwards. I'm not talking about rough/crazy sex. Just kind of plain vanilla sex with moderate friction (which is usually one of the highlights of sex). Which is what I was doing for years with no problems, until recently.
It's at the point where I (someone who enjoys sex very much) feel like I can't do it anymore unless I can figure this out. My penis starts to feel like it's been put through a meat grinder pretty quickly.
I'm uncircumcised. I have no STDs. I use lube.
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With covid making it's move again and a lot of countries going into lockdown, again, watching movies will keep me occupied. Let's hear your recommendations. My top 10 is:
The Dark Knight
The Godfather 2
Edge of Tomorrow
CA: The Winter Soldier
Law Abiding Citizen
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2021.11.26 21:24 Dulv-58 Just finished Eldest

It took me longer than needed but I finally finished it, overall a brilliant read and was gripped at every moment. The themes are vastly improved in comparison with the first book and most characters a developed more and feel more natural and entertaining. So since I just deleted about an hours worth of writing and I need to sleep, I’ll just briefly rank my favourite parts of the book.
Top 5 characters/character developments:
1)Roran 2)saphira 3)Eragon/Arya 4)Oromis 5)Murtagh (he was great in the end but I would like to read more about him before I move him up)
Top 5 chapters
1) Broken Egg and Scattered Nest 2)Reunion 3)Eldest/inheritance 4)Runing the Boar’s Eye 5)Nat Garzhvog
I honestly can’t say I have every enjoyed a book/series more or felt more compelled to read it. I can wait to move to book three and share some of more of my drawings and some other projects.
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I’m caitlin I’m 18 I’m looking for any chats!
There’s not much about me I’m really depressed and I have no motivation for a lot I have friends in real life I can be happy at times but I want to have fun with people! I have a bad past in my life and I’m looking for someone to talk to!
I don’t have a happy school life! Most people violate me and bully me and take advantage of me cause they know my past!
I only dm here!
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