pls help me deciide yallll

2021.11.26 19:49 micaisdabest pls help me deciide yallll

Me: Frost dragon fr
Them: Mega fr cat, pink fr cat, brown bear, 2 blackpanthers
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2021.11.26 19:49 procryptoclass How FACELESS NFT scammed everyone? How to avoid rug pulls -It was supposed to be the next BORED APES

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2021.11.26 19:49 GroovyShape "Another day, another dead. Slash his knife till he sees red."

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2021.11.26 19:49 Domantas11 [EU-LT] [H] VIA/QMK 60% Klaviatūra su suteptais Gateron Tangerines, 98x JWK Mauves (L&F&S), 70x Gateron 8008 Inks (L&F), neišpakuotas GMK MoDo Light Numeric, Space Cables Laser Cable, neišpakuotas GMK Laser Cyberdeck & Novelties, Kiya [W] Paypal, Local


70x 8008 Ink (lubed & filmed 0.15mm tx) 90 € (pp fees and shipping), 95 eur UK 105 € (international pp fees and tracked USPS shipping) Lubed with krytox 205g0, 0.15mm TX Film -
98x JWK Mauve Switches [Lubed w/Krytox 205G0, 0.15mm TX Filmed & spring swapped to SPRiT 63.5 g Slow] 135€ (pp fees and tracked shipping), 140 eur UK 150€ (international pp fees and tracked USPS shipping) 98x JWK Mauves that I personally lubed with krytox 205g0, filmed with tx 0.15mm films and springs swapped to my personal favorite SPRiT 63.5g slow springs. A ready perfect package for your expensive custom. A perfect all arounder switches - they are extremely smooth, sounds sleek and have nice elegant colours, which will complement most boards very very well. 115€
60% QMK/VIA Custom Keyboard with Lubed OG gateron tangerines 140€ (pp fees and shipping), 150 eur UK 158€ (USA USPS tracked and international pp fees) + 45€ for FEDEX 60% QMK VIA Custom Programmable Black Keyboard or should I call "Ultimate Keyboard Hobby History" Keyboard? Let me tell a story and specify keyboard's specs along the way. Case is anne pro 2 black - a case of a keyboard, which was essentially a kickstarter of the hobby and which eventually lead to its popularity. This keyboard not only blow the hobby but also allowed to emerge so many YouTube channels like :3ildcat or minimalistik. Furthermore, pcb is also unique: its YD60MQ aka gh60 minilla and gh60 was one of the first pcb that had qmk aka programmability. of course, this is the newest type-c version, but it still holds the name of original reminding where and when qmk and all keyboard customisation on software side started. And here are the switches -probably the most unique of all things mentioned: they are lubed w/krytox 205g0 gateron tangerines v1, in short poem - switches that are rare, like the unicorns hair, not sold anywhere, just only here. Also, on all stabilized keys I soldered hotswap (mill maxed) sockets. Hotswapability is another thing which made hobby even more accessible to those who don't want to solder... and that is the end of the story :) BTW one switch is different and its gateron yellow ink lubed w/205g0 and tx filmed. So do not wait and purchase this history packed keyboard! +7 euro can add 60% keyboard storage bag (leatherette) and for +15 euro will add black pbt keycaps (if you buy leatherette bag and keycaps will sell only for +20 euro) 120€
[Brand New] Space Cables Laser Coiled Detachable Aviator Type-C Cable 95 € (pp fees and tracked shipping), 99€ UK - Original Space Cables Lazer Cable with legendary strong cable coil, removable aviator connector from U.S. Texas, Space Cables. Paid 25€ for shipping and 30€ for VAT fees when was imported to eu if you wonder about pricing. -
[Sealed] GMK Lazer Cyberdeck/Base 180 € (pp fees and tracked shipping), 190€ UK - Paid shipping from US, EU VAT, import and post fees. Really like this set, but I need money for other hobby and have another similar set. -
[Sealed] GMK Lazer Novelties 75 € (pp fees and tracked shipping), 78€ UK - Paid shipping from US, all VAT, post and import fees. -
[Sealed] GMK Modo Light Numeric Kit 95 € (pp fees and tracked shipping), 100 € UK 105 € (international pp fees and tracked USPS shipping) GMK Modo Light Numpad (sealed). Photoshop how it looks with ewhite numpad: I want to have this item myself and not rushing to sell, but if you want and like it, then can sell for this price only, because I need money right now. But I am really not prefering to sell it. -
[Sealed] GMK LAZER THEMED MINI BUNDLE 245 € (pp fees and tracked shipping) 250€ UK - Lazer pack: cyberdeck/base and novelties. 15€ cheaper than buying items seperately. -
[Sealed] GMK LAZER THEMED BIG BUNDLE 330 € (pp fees and tracked shipping) 340€ UK - Lazer pack: Space Cables Lazer cable, cyberdeck/base and novelties. 20€ cheaper than buying items seperately. -
To make it easier for buyers:
- Shipping prices in eu generally are 4-15 euros (depends on various reasons (if it untracked or tracked), how big is the package)
- Shipping prices to usa/canada generally are 20-70 (depends on various reasons, mostly size and weight affects price exponentially), for more info check post.
- PRICE<60 € is UNTRACKED unless +2.5 € for tracked;
- 60= - PRICE=>100+ € items is sent via tracked/registered mail (unless asked otherwise);
- Shipping to UK due to new regulations increase by roughly 3-6e (just add 3-6e to current EU price (or may I specify)), but priority is EU > UK > Other.
- abreviations explained (I need them because post does not let to add more letters than it is now): f - filmed; l - lubed; s - spring swapped;
[EU-LT] [H] VIA/QMK Compatible 60% Keyboard w/Lubed Gateron "Vintage" Tangerines, 98x JWK Mauves (L&F&S), 70x Gateron 8008 Inks (L&F), (Sealed) GMK MoDo Light Numeric, Space Cables Laser Cable, (Sealed) GMK Laser Cyberdeck & Novelties, Other [W] Paypal
Reupload at: 08:37
Update most timestamps: 11.19
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2021.11.26 19:49 ILoveScience23069 I'm curious if any has an SEO groups or online communities they recommend?

I'm curious where everyone goes to build relationships and connect?
I use LinkedIn but it seems like everyone is just connecting for popularity rather than building actual relationships. I get constant messages on there about connecting and how I should use their services but it's not very personable. Just very salesy.
Since I write content, build websites, and offer everything SEO, I'm in a vast amount of groups but it seems that way across the board. Which means the more groups I'm in the more bombarded I get.
I'd love to find others that want each other to grow, maybe even pass each other work if applicable, and build knowledge in SEO.
So I'm curious which SEO groups or SEO writing groups have you found have been beneficial?
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2021.11.26 19:49 reesej006 Solid rear axle

Hello all. For next project I'm thinking of making a 2wd rat rod style catruck. For this I would like to utilize a ar44 rear axle with 4 link, and a independent front suspension. My thinking is to use a slash as the chassis and modifying it to work. Has anyone seen this done if so photos, info would be helpful
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2021.11.26 19:49 tocitus Question for Saracens fans or people that have been to StoneX

First time going on Sunday and very excited.
I've been sent a ticket which is to be printed. But can I just use my smartphone instead? I don't own a printer and otherwise would have to wander round trying to find a place to print it
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2021.11.26 19:49 Captainloozer Got banned at a crypto giveaway event for talking about Safemoon

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2021.11.26 19:49 lamajigmeg MEME - The Wisdom of Letting-go

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2021.11.26 19:49 -BrokenWings- Want to spend the weekend with me? 😘

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2021.11.26 19:49 mariobeatbox PICTURED: Eminem rap battling PewDiePie in his true form.

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2021.11.26 19:49 DemonZ67 Spirit on the Lake of Nine just asked me to find his drowned crew mates for his family heirloom?

Lit a brazier and this spirit came up and asked me to find his drowned mates. I’ve finished the Unfinished Business quest but I haven’t been given a new one to help this spirit, what do?
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2021.11.26 19:49 newsdk Sprøjtes direkte i blodet: Kan mindske risiko for indlæggelse markant

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2021.11.26 19:49 mouse361 Mad Myna’s Diva Variety Show

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2021.11.26 19:49 AmayasMommy_ The way they cut this pizza.

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2021.11.26 19:49 CalebDenniss Everyone just shared your best loadouts, It would be interesting to see what others play with

For me it's either the MP9 or the first assault rifles with the skinny magazine, Proximity grenades for the XP and to spot enemies and C5 to blow people and grounded vehicles up
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2021.11.26 19:49 JulietteFromSilo18 Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic Seemingly on Hold, May Be 'Absorbed' Into The Mandalorian
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2021.11.26 19:49 FlounderOrnery215 I made the billionaire club! Got 1.1 bil in dogelon

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2021.11.26 19:49 hackzubbard Thanksgiving Special (On3 Composite Comparison + Recruiting Update) - Defense

I wanted to do something special for Turkey Day: not only a recruiting update, with all home games done, but an introduction to the On3 Composite
As many know, a new recruiting service has entered the industry in On3, with its own player rankings. On3 has also created their own composite system, with all 4 recruiting services equal. 247 still has their composite, albeit not including current On3 rankings, leading to 2 slightly different composite, which I'll include below to compare, alongside the recruiting updates.

Name 247 Composite On3 Composite Recruiting Notes
1. Bama Commit Jaheim Oatis - DT 4* #51 4* #76: -25 BIG body lineman who could be the next big thing in the middle for the Tide
2. Bama Commit Walter Bob Jr. - DE 4* #270 4* #270: +0 Longtime Bama commit, likely to begin in college career in JUCO
3. Bama Commit Isaiah Hastings - DE 3* #378 4* #207: +171 (Gained 4th Star) Newer Bama commit on the defensive line, could play both DE and DT, another continuous riser like Kobe Prentice, compared to Christian Barmore
1. Anthony Lucas - DE 4* #60 4* #40: +20 Bama/Texas A&M battle, Texas A&M has been considered the leader for most of the fall but Bama had a great OV with Anthony over the summer and got two consecutive UOVs (LSU and NMSU) that make me think this is closer than originally thought - Current Prediction is Texas A&M, not ready to go bold here, December in-home visits could be huge.
2. Khurtiss Perry - DE 4* #69 4* #74: -5 An intriguing in-state prospect, Bama has turned up the heat in the past few weeks - Current Prediction is Bama and I would be surprised to see him go elsewhere.
3. Quency Wiggins - DE 4* #99 4* #75: +24 This Bayou-based prospect is more of a project on the defensive line and is lower on Bama's board, making this a LSU-Florida battle primarily - Current Prediction would be LSU winning out, as they usually do in their home state
4. Caden Curry - DE 4* #77 4* #109: -32 A big body from the Midwest, buzz suggests Bama may have risen here to the #2 spot but it's gonna be hard to beat Ohio State here and hard to say how much effort Bama is contributing here, as compared to other prospects - Current Prediction is Ohio State.
5. Christian Miller - DE 4* #121 4* #131: -10 A very recent offer by the Tide, Alabama has entered the race late, batteling UGA and Ohio State, might be too late - Current Prediction is UGA
6. Deone Walker - DT 4* #241 4* #254: -13 Another midwest guy still on Bama's board, don't believes he's made it to campus - Current Prediction is Michigan
Name 247 Composite On3 Composite Recruiting Notes
1. Bama Commit Jeremiah Alexander 5* #17 5* #12: +5 2-time Bama commit and one of the Leaders on the defensive side, stand-out at Thompson and instrumental in recruiting some of their 2023 stars
1. Marvin Jones Jr. 4* #37 4* #43: -6 Top 4 of Bama/FSU/Oklahoma/ UGA - all 4 have a chance, Oklahoma got the 1st OV and took a small lead, Bama evened it up, good buzz out of FSU after their visit and visited UGA soon, UGA is probably 4th, I think it ultimately comes down to Bama and FSU - Current (BOLD) Prediction is Bama, best friends with Dallas Turner, Earl Little Jr. is a HS teammate, think his peers could tip the scales.
2. Enai White 4* #38 4* #48: -10 Top 4 of Bama/UGA/Texas A&M/Ohio State - All 4 have led at some point, Texas A&M is the current lead and Enai will OV there in Dec - Current Prediction is Texas A&M, seems about done here.
Name 247 Composite On3 Composite Recruiting Notes
1. Bama Commit Shawn Murphy 4* #50 4* #46: +4 Another elite inside backer and another Leader on the defense
2. Bama Commit Robert Woodyard 4* #124 4* #160: -36 A longtime Bama commit, don't be suprised to see him leave for Lee County - a move that makes room for Shemar James or prospects at other positions
1. Shemar James 4* #70 4* #70: +0 Bama/UGA battle, both will try to get him on campus numerous times before he decides, UGA still has an OV - Current Prediciton is Bama, very cautious here, not confident yet.
Name 247 Composite On3 Composite Recruiting Notes
1. Bama Commit Trequon Fegans - DB 4* #90 4* #118: -28 One of Bama's flips this cycle, Fegans represents a flexible DB who can play Star, Safety, or even outside Corner
2. Bama Commit Antonio Kite - S 4* #179 4* #151: +28 Athletic DB who also stars on the hardwood, a rangey kid with great hands
3. Bama Commit Jake Pope - S 3* #380 4* #298: +82 (Gained 4th Star) High motor speedster at DB, flies to the football and not afraid to hit - a guy Bama hopes to keep
1. Domani Jackson - CB 5* #6 5* #3: +3 Finally decommited from USC, Michigan also involved but this one is trending Bama hard - Current Prediction is Bama with a bullet
2. Denver Harris - CB 5* #13 5* #17: -4 Basically down to Bama and Texas - buzz from the season was Texas evened this race by selling early playing time but no clear indication that Texas took the lead, Texas's 2021 season can't help unless Denver is sincerely buying the "You can be the one to fix it!" pitch - Current Prediction is still Bama but this recruitment has been quiet for weeks.
3. Jacoby Matthews - S 5* #29 5* #26: +3 Bama was rumored to get an OV in this one earlier in the cycle but no info since, top 3 of Texas A&M/LSU/Texas - Current Prediction is Texas A&M and no Bama OV
4. FSU Commit Sam McCall - S 5* #25 4* #36: -11 (Lost 5th Star) McCall has said numorous times throughout the process that a Bama greenlight would make him flip, that greenlight has not yet come, as Bama has been reevaluating him coming off injury, was a target at WR or Saf earlier in the cycle, likely missed out - Current Prediction is FSU
5. Earl Little Jr. - DB 4* #100 4* #87: +13 Not much new to say - Current Prediction is Alabama and it would take something catastrophic for there to be another outcome.
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2021.11.26 19:49 BakingBits Order 1 of 2! Shout out to the team for the fast shipping! Got it 1 day earlier than expected :D

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2021.11.26 19:49 DeerAtTheGates New StarKid in town! Janaya Mahealani Jones will play Belle in VHS CC Live!

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2021.11.26 19:49 Ririlu35 Triple ginger muffins from the NYT!

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2021.11.26 19:49 whammmbammm Dropped off an online return into a letter box instead of the post office (i.e. no receipt). Now it seems to be missing in I fucked? Could a CanPost employee, ahem, stolen it?

Put my online return (w. prepaid label) package into a letter box. 2 days later - tracking still says "Return label created" and that's it. No sign of it being scanned/shipped etc.
The letter box was right in front of a post office, so for sure they should have gotten the package out of there by now.
Is it generally a dumb move to do what I did - since there is no receipt - there's no proof that I actually dropped a package off (unless there's camera footage, but good luck having them look at it)? I typically give the package to the post office but have done it via letter box once before w/o problem.
What would the next step be? File a claim? Go to that post office and talk to them in person?
Thank you in advance.
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2021.11.26 19:49 Express_Salamander_9 Sorel Carabou ready for winter. Love the smell of Hubberds

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2021.11.26 19:49 BaineLogic Salah horrible?

Anyone else think Salah is dreadful? Picked up his SIF today and have tried him at RW/RM/RAM/ST in Elite rivals and champs today and he was absolutely woeful. Like I can’t even explain how bad he was for me. Felt slow, a little clunky/not smooth dribbling, and a horrendous weak foot handicapped him a lot as a finisher.
Anyone else have a bad time with Salah? Absolutely selling him tonight but was just wondering if it was only me
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